'Baby mugging': The 6 pictures that will make you love the new photo trend

New photo trend of capturing babies in mugs sweeps parenting blogs

New parents love nothing more than capturing every cute moment with their new tot.

Cue the new photo craze 'baby mugging,' which is sweeping baby forums across the nation.

The 'baby mugging' photo trend has taken parenting blogs by storm [BabyCenter]Despite the connotations to the name (!), there's nothing untoward going on here - just gushing parents capturing hilarious snaps of their babies seemingly popping out of mugs.

From yawning little ones looking cosy in a cuppa to surprised faces jumping up out of teapots, it's no wonder we all can't get enough of this latest craze.

And unlike the cat beards craze, this one is super-easy to capture too - if new mums can find time to make a cup of something that is.

So as the baby mugging craze continues to capture parents' imaginations, we reveal the best pictures from BabyCenter mums...

1. Cupcakes + cute baby = a sure-fire winner
Mum, I'm suddenly in the mood for cake...

2. Destined to be a chocolate fiend.Chocaholic in waiting

3. Oh, the things mummy and daddy get up to while you're sleeping...

I feel I may be clashing prints
4. Pass another blanket mum.

Is it me or is it cold in here?
5.When I wake I'm up I'm going to be surprisingly chilled.

A moment of peace...for both of us
6. I'm a little teapot...

Tea for two